07 March 2010

lovely sundae!

Last week I asked my husband to replace me taking care our children. at least for a few hours, just to relax. so i went and hung out at Basil, a cool local cafe. this cafe is less popular. most people in this town preferred to hang out at the mall and sit in the popular cafes like Starbucks and Exelso. but i think local cafe like Basil is more comfortable than all famous cafes in the mall. So, there I was, sitting there, enjoying the atmosphere (in front of my desk, at that time there was a girl sitting and crying, for some reason), drinking, reading magazines, and... drawing.

acrylic on paper

what a messy sketch. don't blame me, it's all because of the girl (hoho). oh whoever you are... Wipe your eyes cause there's no use crying, i know you're sick of trying, but you know your day is gonna come...

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