20 March 2010

Laptop Case

A laptop case for my husband. Very simple and easy to make.

Good Family

hohoho its good when you have a good family.

18 March 2010

Camera Case

vintage camera case. i made it in three hours. enough for me.

17 March 2010

all you need is just a little patient

Heihooo... I tried to knit ... and never finished. two thumbs up for people who can knit and make something from knitted yarn. for beginners like me, knitting is difficult and boring. and i stopped finish this scarf.

07 March 2010

Try To Keep Keep Keep...

I made this thin wallet to keep my savings. then I hide this wallet in my closet. pretending to forget that I have money in somewhere.

cute, cute...!

how cute these ceramics are! i took these pictures at Basil.

lovely sundae!

Last week I asked my husband to replace me taking care our children. at least for a few hours, just to relax. so i went and hung out at Basil, a cool local cafe. this cafe is less popular. most people in this town preferred to hang out at the mall and sit in the popular cafes like Starbucks and Exelso. but i think local cafe like Basil is more comfortable than all famous cafes in the mall. So, there I was, sitting there, enjoying the atmosphere (in front of my desk, at that time there was a girl sitting and crying, for some reason), drinking, reading magazines, and... drawing.

acrylic on paper

what a messy sketch. don't blame me, it's all because of the girl (hoho). oh whoever you are... Wipe your eyes cause there's no use crying, i know you're sick of trying, but you know your day is gonna come...

time to play!

My husband finally kept his promise to take the kids to swim, after always cancel his promise and kept busy at work. we swam in the pool of my husband's sister's apartment. of course, i didn't swim. i couldn't swim. ha. by the way, this apartment is quite comfortable and luxurious, for singletons. for who are married and have kids like me? i don't think so. I could not imagine living on the eighth floor with two super-active children, on the other hand I always wanted to have a house with lawns and shady trees.

I like classic things like sitting on the porch drinking tea in the afternoon, watching the children playing in the yard, having casual conversation with my husband. that's me. so, although nice and luxurious, this apartment still does not make me feel comfortable.

Talking about porch, I remember (puang) Lina once commented about my father's habit (always drinks tea on the porch):

Puang Lina: "dian's father were hick, huh? drinking tea on the porch. embarrassing"
Bibi: "
I also love to drink tea on the porch, what's wrong with that?"
Me: "this is not hick, but we call this: romantic"

is that true? that you guys also enjoy your porch?

04 March 2010

learn to sew

I made this last year. sewing is quite difficult, especially for beginners ...

anyone can read the message???

updated! finally!

I finally got a camera and I could fill this blog again! updating this blog may not be important because all the contents of this blog is also not too important to read. the important thing is... I can have fun here!!

I do not really have enough time to do my hobbies since moving, but I'm trying to set the time. and finally I could use a gift from my husband's sister for this quick-sketch. seriously, this is a very high quality pencil color. I must be careful to use it. hahaha, what an amateur! this is the first time i use pencil color.