07 March 2010

time to play!

My husband finally kept his promise to take the kids to swim, after always cancel his promise and kept busy at work. we swam in the pool of my husband's sister's apartment. of course, i didn't swim. i couldn't swim. ha. by the way, this apartment is quite comfortable and luxurious, for singletons. for who are married and have kids like me? i don't think so. I could not imagine living on the eighth floor with two super-active children, on the other hand I always wanted to have a house with lawns and shady trees.

I like classic things like sitting on the porch drinking tea in the afternoon, watching the children playing in the yard, having casual conversation with my husband. that's me. so, although nice and luxurious, this apartment still does not make me feel comfortable.

Talking about porch, I remember (puang) Lina once commented about my father's habit (always drinks tea on the porch):

Puang Lina: "dian's father were hick, huh? drinking tea on the porch. embarrassing"
Bibi: "
I also love to drink tea on the porch, what's wrong with that?"
Me: "this is not hick, but we call this: romantic"

is that true? that you guys also enjoy your porch?

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