01 November 2009

my birthday gifts!

This gift from my husband's mother, thanks for the gift... would be very useful for me.

thanks my taufik syahban, i love it, i love you.

these are from my husband's sisters! they said I should use these gifts, but these gifts are too good! I will be careful to use them.
My husband's brother also gave me a wallet, hehehe.

01 August 2009

i hate you. i really do.

acrylic and drawing pen on paper

13 July 2009

so last year!

acrylic on shoes

06 July 2009

hi, fake!

papertoy attack!

silent silence...

drawing pen on paper

on a high high high high...

14 June 2009

too much of not enough

Hello, Andhita!

This is my child's character, cute but fierce!

Hi, Lou!

trying to make papertoy ... very nice Lou!

May i come inside?

It's raining outside I'm crying inside... 5 a.m in the dark, you like a cold fish with me...
You're sleeping I'm thinking, You're turning your back to me...
Here in my bed you're mad away from me,
Here in my head you're never close to me...
(taken from Soko-it's raining outside)

11 May 2009

color play!

bored with conventional shoes? well, i just played the colors ... quite fun for me ...

happy fridae! (dedicated to my beloved husband)

This t-shirt for my husband? oh no! This made for me ... I made it about 15 minutes ... then I wore it, went to Jakarta without any notification ... and ... hahaha!

happy birthday, dear ... i love you.