27 February 2011

owl lala beibeh!

silakan dilirik di welcomenoa

brown sugar and cinnamon

silakan dilirik di welcomenoa

spring garden

romantic cotton and synthetic leather
16cm x 11cm

silakan dilirik di welcomenoa

ouch! pouch!

linen vs lurik
20cm x 14cm

silakan dilirik di welcomenoa

lay your head on me

love and lust

silakan dilirik di welcomenoa

brochure, checked!

16 February 2011

packaging, checked!

a design for packaging. pure, drawn by hand.

packaging for welcomenoa finally finished!

FYI, for ordering packaging, please contact http://arenajualbeli.com/

val for peace

tak perlu saling menunjukkan ujung jarum yang kita punya. ayo berdamai saja. selamat hari merasa manusia. (14.02.11)

no need to show the needle tip that we have to each other. let's just make peace. happy human-being feeling's day. (14.02.11)

12 February 2011

poor and creative

hei, cardboards! i'll make over you guys!


you can be a warm house for my daughters's toys!

and you can be a little table for Andhita!

we can recycle a cardboard become a pretty box, right? it's too hard to spend money for plastic containers that are less beautiful, so I want to take advantage of the ability of my hands. yes, my hands are good enough for crafty things i think. cheers!