30 July 2010

gradation handmade tote bags

available in two colors: green and red. hand embroidery: three gradating colors yarn. outer: canvas. inner: cotton. one pocket inside purse. email me! ha!

25 July 2010

Nai and Kai's birthday

happy birthday my Nai! This event has been about a month ago, precisely on 20 june 2010, what a very late review. these are pictures of Nai and Kai's birthday. Kai is my very best friend's daughter and her birthday was at the same day. so we celebrated birthday party together. I hope you both become a great kids with noble heart and cheerful spirit.

how i love sketchbook!

A5 sketchbook.
synthetic leather cover with hand embroidery on it. 60 sheets of blank paper.

16 July 2010

Bite me, Biggo!

I'm excited. hopefully everything can be finished quickly, and of course sold quickly. Ha. This is biggo in the form of pillows and keychains. if you're interested, email me, or you can get them on my etsy.

08 July 2010

first bag i've made

I made this bag last year. I was just learning to sew at that time. this bag is the first bag that i've made. i tried to create patchwork, not bad for a beginner (I learned to sew without a teacher).