16 April 2010

Handmade Shoulder Bag (oh no, pink)

Let's just say I did not deliberately choose this color.
cotton with acrylic painting and hand embroidery on it. pretty neat stitching. anyone?

Disney On Ice, for whatever...

Still tired, but for the sake of something, and a ticket already bought, so we went to Senayan yesterday. "Disney On Ice" show. I was forced to, because this event was disrupt my daughter's nap schedule. but in the end I was amazed. the dance and the choreography! not everyone can do it, including me! (and my daughter also happy)

but I deplored the committee for making our golden ticket in vain. and i also deplored traffic jam that made us late. however, two thumbs up for the show!

07 April 2010

welcome vacation!

I always read story books for my child before she slept. she was pleased to see the pictures and memorizing the names of each image. someday, i want to make a very special story book for her.

Btw, i'll take a vacation to Jakarta and Jogja by the end of this month. See ya!